Bring the Brand to Life

Brand loyalty is the desired state for the sustainability and relevance of our world class industry. Canada Beef is the national league and together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Canadian beef will be sought after and valued for more than its quality, or even its impressive technical advantages and economic engine.

Loyalty hinges on our reputation, image and ability to connect emotionally with the public in such a way that we earn their trust.

As the brand, marketing and business development agency of the Canadian Beef industry, we are the lead ambassador of the brand and when we go to market, the results will translate into commercial returns for the entire beef value chain. Brand loyalty will show up as increased consumer “demand pull”.

Consumer confidence, public trust and our daily commitment to doing what is right are the very elements of a reputable brand.

– Rob Meijer, President

Vision & Mission

Our three year strategy looks to measure our successes, reflect on our goals and alter course as we need. We have a great opportunity in front of us for growth, sustaining a high demand for Canadian beef around the globe and to telling our story. We have a strategic, visionary approach to achieving these goals.

Our Vision

Canadian beef brand loyalty provides growth and opportunities for the Canadian beef and veal industry.

Our Mission

Strategically position the “Canadian Beef Advantage” to stimulate and sustain our premium global Canadian beef brand.

Our Promise

Each and every day, Canadian beef is produced and delivered with pride and tradition.  As exceptional as the land on which it is raised, Canadian beef is excellence without compromise. We will do what is right.

About Us

Excellence without compromise.

Canada Beef is made up of people with a passion to share the uniqueness of Canadian beef with the rest of the world. Through innovative marketing and business development efforts and partners whose values parallel our own, we look to inspire others to relate to Canadian beef in a whole new way.  Canada Beef selectively partners with those who have values and priorities that align with our own.

Canadian beef is produced with care by ranch and farm families. From world class genetics, ethical animal development and nutrition to transport and harvest – we commit to doing what is right. From the West coast, Rocky Mountains, across the open prairies, into the Eastern Provinces and the Atlantic regions, Canadian Beef is produced from an abundance of land, fresh water and clean air.

With excellence in mind, and with great pride and tradition, our communities have committed to continuous improvement of their craft and sustainable practices.

Canada Beef Resources

From our dedicated and talented creative team to our connections within the industry, Canada Beef has what it takes to lead the way and dig deep to find opportunities for Canadian beef. Canada Beef has the distinct advantage of global communications and planning which gives us the ability to employ different approaches to problems.

Our team is built around our years of experience both with the product itself and with like-minded businesses in retail and foodservice. Our Global Business Development team has an in-depth knowledge
of consumer behaviours
, individual markets, trends, competitive strengths, and looming threats for global restaurant and grocery operations.

Backing that team is an innovative go-to-market group that are experts in consumer relations and nutrition, communications, public relations and social media. We are the marketing company that helps our business partners in the areas of strategic marketing, creative design, communication, project implementation and management.

Our goal with brand partners is to carve out and align our shared brand values and assist them in developing marketing opportunities for Canadian beef. We know how to foster consumer loyalty and our goal is to share marketing efforts and infuse them with our passion for what we do.  When combined, the resources of our brand partners and the assets they bring to our shared projects, we attain an expanded audience, greater message impact and an elevated brand presence. We believe that it is this joining of capabilities that brings the greatest return on investment.

Organizational culture is important to all companies. Canada Beef is no exception. Our 4-C Culture and commitment drives internal communication and collaboration.

We value the essential open-minded conversations that employees enter into, putting as much emphasis on learning from others as sharing important knowledge, insights and expertise. These are the essential building blocks of collaboration. This requires a level of trust and confidence in the people you work with, that is the cornerstone of the 4-C philosophy. Communicating is a skill that is actively pursued at Canada Beef and we continuously work to improve and hone these skills.

A key strategy both internally and externally to Canada Beef is to build community and engage with it. This requires near constant connectivity and the tools to share back and forth. Canada Beef has built some incredible connectivity tools and in the first year of the three year plan, we will be growing these capabilities, particularly in our on-line and social media areas. This will be about producing material that our audiences deem relevant, inspires discussion, produces meaningful and measurable results and generates ideas. Growing this community will be a key focus for our full 3 year plan. This requires nothing more than inviting others to “join us” in a conversation that they might find rewarding and inspiring.

Canada Beef has used a consultative approach with the industry for many years helping our business development clients improve their value for beef at the store shelf or on menu. The focus for the next three years will be to consult with our clients on how to tell the great story that is Canadian Beef. The consultative approach begins with a firm understanding of the client’s brand values and then linking those with Canada Beef’s brand values to create a shared vision.

Connect, Innovate, Inspire.

Connections are valuable. Connecting to a global network of opportunities allows us to join forces and become stronger together, collaborate and share our stories.

Innovation is growth, problem solving, creativity and opportunity seeking. Innovative ideas fuel the fire, and can lead and change the conversation about Canadian beef around the world, leading to sustained value.

Inspiration is ignition. With the freedom to create and lead, we can connect with the hearts and minds of those who will tell and hear our story, driving the passion within our industry and for our product.

A League of our own.

At the core of Canada Beef’s strategy is the need to unite the beef industry, leveraging the diversity of each province. By uniting under a single brand, our industry is greater than the sum of its parts. Canadian beef is the national and global brand of excellence.  In order to create and sustain brand loyalty, the focus and mandate of Canada Beef is to drive brand and resulting go-to-market initiatives in alignment with strategic business development priorities. The end result will be increased consumer demand-pull, which in turn will enable commercial opportunities. As the national league, we are the brand. We respect the teams and players in our league and how each must work to differentiate and sustain their own priorities.

This approach has been well characterized by international sporting organizations, such as the National Hockey League or Canadian Football League, where this helps to give a unified voice, perspective and look, while each team and player works hard to define their own character within the league.  The consuming public think of the organization in holistic terms, providing an emotional anchor to the overall Canadian beef brand.

Selling beef is the work of the teams, building global public and consumer confidence and trust of Canadian beef is the work we do here at Canada Beef. We drive the demand for Canadian beef overall, without focusing on individual corporate objectives.