Tactics are Canada Beef’s measuring stick on how we are doing and if our strategies and business objectives are working. They clearly define our purpose and give us the wins to cheer about. The tactics are those visible and tangible marketing efforts that the beef industry gets to see in action. Tactics are what influence buying behaviours and capture consumer mind-share. Tactics are how we reach all five senses of the public and media.  It will be our tactic activities that allow our Canadian Beef brand message to be defined, seen and felt. They support our objectives and give life to our strategies. Each and every time we invest time and money to a tactic we ask ourselves “why are we doing this and which of our strategies are we targeting?” And at the root of it all, we consider how an activity supports our brand story and helps others to define our brand.


The King of Grocery, the Centre of the Plate.

Beef is the leader at the retail meat case, the king of the grocery basket, and in many cases, beef is the reason why consumers pick a particular store to shop at and frequent.  In foodservice, beef commands the centre of the plate, the item that anchors the meal decision. Many restaurant concepts even devote their entire business concept to beef, such as those burger joints and steak houses. Beef can draw in new customers and build repeat visits to a food business.

More than ever before, food needs a story to satisfy a curious public. Consumers really want to learn more about what foods they are sharing at their tables and that includes beef. Consumers seek out this kind of information from the staff at their favourite restaurant and grocery store. It is no longer acceptable practice for a business to simply sell or serve food. Ensuring a connection between the customer and the supply of food is an essential component to a successful food product or business.

Canadian beef has one of the most compelling food stories, one that our business partners need help telling. By mining for shared values, and using beef to reflect those strengths, Canada Beef can help to get their word out as well as our own. There is additional benefit for both parties in that we share resources and areas of influence to greatly expand our joint audience.