Canada Beef’s objectives help bring definition to how we plan to achieve our strategies, as well as how we will set goals and measure our success. Essentially this is how we base our value and will establish our return on investment. This “action plan” is how we have laid out our overall business in order so that we can properly achieve our strategic goals and set achievable targets through tactics that can be easily measured.


Consumer Solutions

In the end, every one of us is a consumer. We like to know the ‘back-story’ of what we invest in and we make our buying decisions based on our values and what ‘works’ for us. At Canada Beef we look to produce consumer tools that help make buying, cooking and enjoying beef relevant, aspirational and easy. Getting a meal on the table is a problem every family faces daily. We look for ways to keep Canadian beef at that table, through insights and shared problem solving. We explore and discuss ways to make lives easier in the arena of what’s for dinner. Growing, cooking and sharing food are fundamental things that make us human. The table is the most common ground – a powerful connection theme for engaging conversations. To access a place ‘at the consumer table’ Canada Beef uses technologies and platforms that allow us to communicate with consumers where and when they need help. This is mission critical and a key objective of Canada Beef.

Our newest addition, The Roundup mobile app, launched in early 2015, is an easy to use resource designed to help consumers right at the retail store shelf navigating beef cuts and aiding in the buying and preparation process, inspiring recipes and meal solutions. Follow along as we find ways to create conversation using this new consumer engagement tool!

The Canadian Centre of Excellence

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) is the jewel of the Canadian beef brand and one of our richest resources. The CBCE creates the opportunity to communicate and educate on a global scale. Through the focus of Connect, Innovate and Inspire, the CBCE is poised to bring our brand and our story to life for industry partners, influencers and media, and consumer audiences. With multi-media presentation and broadcasting capabilities, and a skilled staff which includes a professional Meat Cutter/Educator, Red Seal Chef, professional Home Economist, Registered Dietitian and Event Management Specialist, the CBCE is a knowledge hub for our brand.

On-line, the CBCE will exist in live and interactive web sites, informational webinars and videos, as well as a web based community designed to allow for global conversations (much like LinkedIn does for business professionals). As a part of this dynamic information source, the CBCE will house our new Canada Beef Marketing Library, a rich information resource with marketing intelligence and creative assets such as artwork, images, videos and more – all designed to assist and guide in the telling of our powerful Canadian beef story.

The Centre is the heart of our Canadian Beef brand and will embody our values around community, conversation, partnership resources and of course, the pursuit of culinary excellence.



Digital Resources

Focusing our on-line presence and using it in deliberate, more targeted ways to achieve our strategies will be our goal in the three year plan. In the first year you will see significant changes to the web sites making them global in nature and voice, and designed with social in mind to find and interact with a beef audience. Fresh and inviting webinars will offer learning and conversation, as well as interactive learning locations that help keep members up to speed on our favourite protein.

Nutritional Resources

Beef is possibly nature’s best tasting multi-vitamin! With essential nutrients required by every part of the human body, there is no wonder why beef plays such an important role in a global diet. Beef is packed with protein making it the choice of busy consumers and professional athletes alike. Beef is great for all those seeking power for performance, strength, endurance and muscle repair. On top of all this, when trimmed of fat, beef compares favourably with the fat content of skinless chicken and fish such as salmon. With links to weight management, healthy aging and improved metabolic health, there is a lot to love about eating beef.

In the next three years you will see Canada Beef continuing our efforts to include nutrition influencers and consumers in the beef nutrition conversation. In Canada, the consumer will see the nutrition message loud and proud through efforts such as our sponsorship of the Canadian Football League.

Business Development Partnerships

Since it is difficult these days to get your message out by simply broadcasting your views and intentions, and to do that requires a heavy monetary investment, it makes sense that Canada Beef seeks out the market’s most influential business partners. Canada Beef will continue pursuing relationships with partners of influence whose brand values are in alignment with our own. These partners are represented by Canada Beef brand mark license holders, those that actively wish to tell Canadian beef’s story, leaders in foodservice and retail, leaders in the beef supply chain and internal industry groups tasked with supporting beef and beef producers.

Leading influencers in priority markets require Canada Beef to assist in increasing the value that consumers see in beef, driving greater demand for Canadian beef. Our partners want to let their customers know what makes them different from their competitors, what they value, what they stand for.

Canada Beef seeks out partners who can influence the market to show how Canadian beef’s brand, when aligned with theirs, can more adequately exemplify these beliefs and values for both parties.

Don’t be surprised to see your favourite regional, national and international grocery and restaurant brands join Canada Beef in pursuit of defining and building our mutual brand values together, resulting in an even greater and stronger reputation for Canadian beef in markets the world over.