Working within our National league approach requires strategies that help all of us in the industry work towards the same goals. To create the “demand pull” from consumers means that we must focus all of our efforts on similar messages that resonate with the consumer. This isn’t about selling beef, it is about connecting the public with our brand values and beliefs providing an image of who we are and what we stand for.


The Pursuit of Culinary Excellence

What better way to talk about a premium food than working with the chef and culinary community. Canada Beef’s past is peppered with great experiences and partnerships with well-known chefs and culinary leaders. This work has helped us enhance our image of beef and brought the industry and consumers to the realization that there are cuts of beef that they were not familiar with, not to mention new ways to prepare and cook beef. Chefs have provided the confidence to explore all the options, inspired us to innovate and increased the value of beef.

With our newest addition of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, we now have a place where the chef community can Connect, Innovate and Inspire and a place where we can begin to build a conversation with a global community and offer a creative outlet. It is this commitment to culinary excellence that will certainly be a bigger part of our three year strategy.

From the sponsorship of Canada’s entry into the internationally renowned Bocuse D’or chef competition to the cooking classes for children in our Asian markets and our work with famous chefs in Mexico’s gourmet Karisma resort, Canada Beef is creating fantastic chef and culinary partnerships that tell our story of premium quality. A full work out for the senses!

Valued Partnerships Through Shared Resources

We are not developing markets; we are developing business, and therefore are not responsible for selling a greater market share. At Canada Beef our skilled team is only part of a business development equation. In sharing our incredible resources with our chosen and valued business partners and aligning with the resources that they can bring to the table, we hope to achieve our mutual

goals through aligning our marketing activities and telling our brand stories.

We strive to fully understand our business partners, their goals and their own strengths and resources well before creating objectives and tactics. A collaborative approach not only inside of Canada Beef, but with our chosen business partners achieves mutual goals with greater efficiency and with a broader scope. This also means that we achieve a much larger shared audience for our messages.

Open sharing of resources across our industry is the best way to achieve goals and it is Canada Beef’s desire to lift any barriers to this and allow greater collaboration throughout the Canadian beef industry.



Consumer engagement and creating a conversation

The days of broadcasting a message in the hopes that consumers will hear it are over. Today, to stay relevant, companies must engage with consumers. Engagement means something different to everyone, but to Canada Beef that means speaking as well as listening. It’s a conversation and sometimes one that happens around the world, with differing views, using lots of different communication platforms. What we strive to do at Canada Beef is create conversations using a language that consumers understand in the markets that they live in, with a global, common perspective.

There are so many way to connect with consumers these days and looking at a global market just makes that even more complex. To bridge this gap, Canada Beef strives to stay ahead of the communication trends and continually adapts to new ways that consumers wish to engage. We do this through our on-line and social media capabilities, blog sites, The Roundup mobile app and other communication avenues.

We will look to ways to create global conversations. Over the next three years you can follow along as we focus our on-line presence on talking back and forth rather than simply posting our message. In everything we do, we will look for ways to bring conversation to our marketing and communication activities. We encourage all to come to the table and join in our global conversation. Success can be easily measured by gauging the amount of conversations we have, the research questions we ask and growth of the communities we build.

Building Canada Beef Communities

With so much information available, consumers need help focusing on what is important to them so that they are not confused by all the noise around them. Broadcasting information in the hopes it might reach and then resonate with consumers is no longer a viable strategic effort. To be heard and for consumers to get the messages that companies wish to deliver, organizations need to have a conversation. Creating venues to converse and then offering points for discussion is a way toward loyal advocates. Advocates like to be in the know. They like to tell stories that they know well and believe in. They will teach these beliefs to almost anyone that will listen with a goal of building another engaged member of their community, another loyal follower. Word of mouth is the most potent communication and marketing device in building a brand.

Canada Beef will build these communities through expanding on our existing groups and followers, as well as starting fresh communities with membership qualities. We will offer up points of discussion and interact with the public in a whole new way. We will be able to both measure an increase in our communities and have enough information flowing that we can then measure answers to important questions, offer this guidance to our business partners and complete a circle of conversation in which Canada Beef is at the centre. In the future, by adding our business partners into this community, we complete a circle of conversation in which Canada Beef is at the centre.

In the next three years, look to our prized on-line consumer beef community, Make it Beef, as a shining example of community and conversation as we find new ways to interact, reward and provide this community with tools to make their lives easier and better. The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) is the centrepiece of our brand. It helps bring our brand to life. We will also outline a tactic around building a new industry community around the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence that will allow global sharing of creativity, innovation and inspiration. Our Canada Beef E-learn educational tool will also provide a location for community to gather and converse.