Our Land. Our Beef.

Canadian beef is the pride of cattle ranchers and farmers across our True North – that place where herds grow and thrive in the crisp fresh air. Our pristine landscape is where top quality Canadian beef begins, providing everything our cattle breeds need to flourish. It’s a special environment, which produces healthy herds that are attuned to the natural rhythms of the seasons.

It is the seasons that set the pace here in Canadian cattle country. Calves, born in the early spring, take their first steps across open fields, where forests give shelter.   After a long summer grazing on grass, animals are gathered in a fall roundup, to be close to the farm as the season changes.

Grass fed and grain finished – it’s a diet that produces the kind of tender, juicy steaks and naturally flavourful beef you expect.

There’s a deep history and culture in Canada with a respect for the land that has sustained generations of agricultural families. From pasture to plate, Canadian beef producers have a long tradition of quality and care, raising cattle on land where there’s plenty of room to roam.