The best partnerships often spur from friendship, commonality and of course shared core values. When looking for partnerships within the beef industry or outside of it, Canada Beef looks for what we like to call “The Sweet Spot”.

Consumers have strong values around the products they purchase and consume. They have individual understanding of what quality and value means to them. They also have a tendency to shop at stores that share many of those same values. Those businesses tell their own stories through the products they sell, how they merchandise and price, the people that frequent and purchase from them and even who their staff are and what they represent. Add to this equation the public relations and media and what is deemed important to an overall general public and you have shared values that brands needs to find and embody.

The Sweet Spot

Canada Beef seeks out partners that understand consumer needs and general public perceptions while matching the character of our brand, our way of doing business, our industry and those of our own Canada Beef staff. Together we build our mutual brands and drive measurable success through our philosophy of connect, innovate and inspire.


Import Levy

In 2013 an import levy was registered and became an official order and part of the regulations of Canada. An import levy of a dollar Canadian per head of cattle (the same value collected by domestic cattle producers), joins the National Check-off in order to fund the research, marketing and promotion of beef and veal products in Canada.

To show fairness to those beef importers, the funds collected from the import levy will be used in Canada to promote beef itself and have no relation to marketing Canadian Beef. This means that there will be a significant investment in the coming 3 years devoted to the qualities of beef in general, with a focus on beef’s nutrition messaging. This will be reflected in some strong marketing initiatives that focus on beef’s role at the family table as well as in athletic performance and sport with direct to consumer marketing efforts as well as those targeted to health influencers in the field.

Nutrition is a key battleground for beef and has a direct influence on consumer demand cycles for beef over time. Communicating beef’s nutrition message is important in continuing to positively influence regular beef purchases. Canada Beef has the skill set and resources to lead the charge to keep beef at the table with the help from Canada’s beef importers.


This three year strategic plan will continue to measure the priorities and tactics that are a part of our everyday business. An agreed on goal at the start of every project helps our team at Canada Beef not only know what success looks like, but gives us a way to tell how close we are to completion. Measuring success also allows our community and investors to follow along our journey and help us celebrate our advancements along the way.

All tactics in the three year plan have milestones or scheduled return on investments. Some measurements and successes are simply self-generated and easily tracked back to our strategies. For example, through on-line communities like Make it Beef, growth in membership and levels of membership interaction is evidence of success.

Market Research

Critical to knowing the consumer and how they liked to be engaged is the research to back that up. Through our independent research, consumer surveying, social media interactions and even our sharp eyed business development experts in the field, Canada Beef has a firm grasp on the hearts and minds of consumers. Knowledge of the Canadian global beef markets, as well as agricultural and sustainable impacts is essential is essential to building the big picture understanding of how beef fits into minds of consumers and if they choose to invest in beef to feed their families.  Our industry research partners provide us with the latest and greatest of information so that we can help our industry and business partners make the right marketing choices.

In the coming three year strategy we invest in brand and consumer research, building a nimble and proactive marketing organization designed to engage the consumer with a desired state of loyalty. We will also be able to use this research to measure our own results and that of our entire industry which establishes our return on investment and provides a backbone to the stories we will tell.

Working Together

Leading the achievement of Canada’s beef industry goals take a team approach. Our industry boasts a huge knowledge base with many deeply passionate people. It exists as an economic engine for the entire Canadian economy. Uniting the resources at our disposal is essential to forward progress that our industry has come to expect and our public demands.

Our investment in our future is of time, people power and financial need. To be competitive in our global business requires a coming together with an eye towards achieving the aggressive goals we set out. We have some amazing opportunities ahead of us, but it will be how we share responsibilities and how we rally to a common voice that will ultimately be the judge of our true success.

Canada Beef has a 3 year marketing strategy designed to tell our unique and great Canadian beef story. We look forward to you joining us on our adventure and hope you will make an investment in our common future.

Invest in the Future

The industry must work from a cohesive strategy and come together and invest in the future of Canadian beef. The National Check-off helps us bring our industry teams together under a common National league so that we can build the value of Canadian beef in the minds of our public, increasing pull on demand for the great products the industry produces. Our funding partners are a key asset and the heart of the Canadian beef brand. This is a great time to invest in Canada Beef and our future together.