Generations of Canadian farmers and ranchers, in combination with industry champions have built an incredible beef industry, one that we can all be proud of.

Over the years we have enhanced our sustainability practices for land, air and water, delivering a world class product with measurable quality and safety parameters through high technical standards and accurate management systems, as well as creating one of the best genetic pools of cattle breeds on the planet.

All of that technical work has built a structurally and scientifically sound beef industry. Unfortunately, these are difficult topics to bridge with consumers. To help consumers realize the excellence that is Canadian beef, we need to carve out a positive position of our industry and our product in the hearts and minds of the consumer and share the pride and passion. Emotion needs to take the lead over the technical advantages in order to build love and loyalty for Canadian beef. It is our brand that will provide us all sustainable results based on an emotional connection with the very audience and people trusting our industry each and every time they make a purchase to buy our product. Canada Beef’s most significant value is to preserve, protect and increase “mind-share” not “market share” with consumers.

To accomplish this, we need stories that are relevant, genuine and memorable – ones that make a connection and resonate with diverse cultures. All of us need to live by The Promise of “excellence without compromise”. In an effort to build trust, we have to do what is right and communicate our efforts so that consumers can feel what that means. We will need to build fervent advocates, communities of them, giving power to the voices that both understand the facts and can relate them through compelling narratives and anecdotes. For us to accomplish this, we need a strong action plan to leverage a singular brand with a focused message.

In Year One of our brand journey you will see us shape and build this brand and the strategies to support it and bring it to market with veracity. In the second year, we will combine forces to enhance the elements and vehicles used to drive our brand so that in the last year of our three year plan we can grow our brand in a meaningful and global way.

Canadian beef is raised with great pride and tradition. The greatness of Canadian beef has been built up by generations of ranchers and farmers.

It is a product that requires individual effort and tending, attention to details, and investment in time and money along with a dedication to quality and hard work.

Each animal is raised with exacting standards and with an eye to its individual needs, in balance with the special requirements and opportunities that the landscape and natural resources present. It is the toil of hands, working in concert with the great outdoors and Canada’s seasonal flux that shapes and colours our great Canadian beef story.

In a time when consumers want to cut through the misinformation and learn more about the food they feed their families, Canadian beef has a great opportunity to build loyalty and engage consumers. It takes years for cattle to be raised to Canada’s high standards for quality and food safety so that beef can feed a family at home or satisfy a restaurant guest.

This is a story worth telling.

Over the years we have built technical proof points that continue to support our industry, but it is our brand pillars that can truly help us define and tell our story. The combining of pillars and proof points are the DNA of our brand that will help us to achieve our desired state of brand loyalty.

The Producer

Canadian beef has a strong foundation that is built around the producer, reflecting a legacy with a rich and proud heritage. Canadian farmers and ranchers produce Canadian beef with integrity, and personify the brand.

The Product

Canadian beef is well marbled, flavourful and tender. Packed with essential nutrients, Canadian beef is a powerful protein and anchor to healthy eating with a taste that people crave.

World Class

Canadian beef is produced according to world class standards for quality and safety. The Canadian beef grading system and our interlocking controls for animal health and food safety are key contributors to an exceptional eating experience.


Canadian beef is produced through the efficient use of pasture land, water management and environmental conservation practices, Canadian farmers and ranchers work towards economic viability, a sound environment and social responsibility.